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North Shore Tile & Shower Repair Inc.

Repair your shower without having to remodel your entire bathroom!

"In the past 18 years I have done over 4,000 Ceramic / Marble Bath Tub / Shower / Stall repairs and installations that look like they are "leaking and falling apart".

  • Original ceramic tiles can be reset on loose and falling shower walls, shower benches and thresholds.
  • Blackened, mildewed grout lines can be restored to their original whiteness, by removing and replacing the
    old caulk.
  • Ugly corners around tub and shower base are sealed better than new!
  • Plumbing fixtures can be repaired and sealed watertight.
  • Shower doors will be expertly rehung and sealed watertight.
  • Repairs can be made to new construction, sloppy workmanship or remodeling projects.
  • No subcontractors—all work done with care and precision by the owner!
  • Proprietary repair methods are the secret to our success.
  • Quick and quality work—many jobs take less than a week!

“Leaking tiles can lead to serious water damage below the surface. If you have cracks in your grout or gaps in your caulk call North Shore Tile for a personalized expert home consultation. We can save you thousands of dollars by repairing your existing tiles and head off / prevent more costly problems.”

Kristopher Duschen, Owner

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Proprietary methods are the secret to our success • BEWARE OF IMITATORS
Family Owned Since 1982 • Insured • Courteous & Professional • Ask About Our Guarantees